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"Ahoy matey. It seems like we're going out on the boat again, but we're straight hammered. Say, why don't you play your instruments so we can dance. Just steer the ship the right way while you do so!" - Your crew before dancing to their demise at sea

Drunk & Sailing is a fun game where you get to live your pirate dreams while keeping your crew alive to 9 catchy tunes. Stay on rhythm with your buttons presses and your swings of the rudder, or they'll fall off. If you do well, maybe you can cure their scurvy with a healthy serving of fruit!

Play with an Xbox controller, other controls will be added in the future.
The songs are listed from easy to difficult from top to bottom.
Yes, the icons aren't perfect, yes there is a Godot splash screen, but ayy, it's 3AM in Europe... - The Devs


Note to anyone playing the game during the game jam rating process:
We are aware of the problems surrounding input and we'll be sure to add more control schemes as soon as the rating period of the game is over.

Keep an eye on this page or follow us on social media to keep up with our developments!


If you have any questions, suggestions, bugs or anything, hit me (Bram) up on Twitter!


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Linux 42 MB
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