A downloadable game

Space Transport Explorer is a game set in large universe!

Trade goods, craft items and parts for larger profits and customization, start your own Space Transport company and explore the universe!

The game is in development since late June and has just reached a version 2.1.1 of the Pre-alpha, check out the changelog for more info.

NOTE: A new patch just came out that smooths out some small bugs in 2.1.1, please download the new version if you can.

The main gameplay loop has been added to the game, so it give you somewhat of a challenge to play instead of just being a techdemo.

Supported platforms are Windows and Linux. (This time with Native builds!)

Future platforms may include OS X and Android.

Feel free to download and play the game.
Check out our forums if you have any questions or found any bugs!

Keep in mind that the entire game is subject to change!

Thank you for your time!