A downloadable virtual pet game

A cute little cat right there on your screen! Take your favorite little Mitten with you wherever you go. Just make sure that you feed it and give it enough love, without it your pet will feel unhappy and hungry.

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Join different beauty contests with your kitten and even take a real-life selfie with your virtual pet! Get new swag for your little Mitten and make it more beautiful, cool, cute or derpy.

The game is in all parts like the classic tamagochi experience with some added bonuses like cooking, beauty competitions and more for your cat.

You start off with a small kitten, feed and give it enough love and it will grow! Unlock parts of the game when growing your cat. When you're cat is fully grown, you can combine your cat with your friends and make two new Mittens!

Mitten is a cute pixel virtual-pet game where you get to take care of your very own unique cat. The game is currently under active development with target platforms Android and iOS.